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Friday, December 11, 2009

In the last 15 months, I've been laid up with two serious injuries in a row. I'm still recovering from the second one, and I want to perform so badly that I'm practically crawling the walls!

But on the plus side, that leaves me a lot more time to spend in front of the computer. And I haven't wasted it on computer games!

I've built up a whole stash of articles about improv, stage presence, teaching, video and video podcast production, the business of belly dance, etc.

I'm really excited to share these topics with you, but I want to make sure that you get them in the format you'd enjoy.

So please let me know: do you like to read your articles in print, or would you rather watch them in an online video?

What Format Do You Want Your Articles In?
Video with a Written Transcript
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BellyFireDancer said...

My Paramedic Instructor gave our class an analytical questionnaire to discern what kind of learner each of us were. Did we prefer to read the info, hear the info or a "hands on" learner. Based on that info, he divided the class into 5 groups. Each group had a student that learned best from each category. Funny, I was a part of each category! I found myself having to read the info, search for videos regarding the material. And then... it really clicked when I was able to get the "hands on" aspect. I find your information regarding the "analytical" approach of bellydance VALUALBE!!! Sorry to hear about your injuries. It happened to me last year this time. But, thank you for sublimating your drive into this research. You are AWESOME! I appreciate your great work. After our family bank account recovers from the holidays... I'll be purchasing your dvds. I loved finding your podcasts! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!!

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