Old Giveaway, New Winner

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So, way back in October, I ran a DVD giveaway for a copy of The Improvisation Toolkit Vol. 1: Movement Recall. On the day the DVD was released, I picked a winner at random from the members of the Taktaba mailing list. However, I've tried to contact her several times over the last five months, and never got a response. The messages didn't bounce; I just never got a reply.

So today, I gave up waiting and drew a "runner up".

To make it fair, I did my best to reproduce the conditions of the original drawing. I used the same random number generator as in the first drawing, and selected the runner up from among the members of my mailing list who joined on or before the DVD release date. (Luckily, my list software records the date people joined.)

So the new winner is:


Najla Halem of Austin, TX

Her copy of Vol. 1 went out in the mail today.


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