Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just discovered that Taktaba is currently featured not once but THREE TIMES in the iTunes Music Store:

1- Taktaba In Low-Res (the new, smaller-resolution version of the podcast) is on the "New and Notable" list in it's category, Performing Arts Video Podcasts.

2- Taktaba (the full-res version) is currently on the featured podcasts list in its category.

3- Taktaba (the regular version) is number 19 in its category: ahead of the Tony Awards and Jersey Boys!

I don't know how long these rankings will last, but, for as long as they do, you can check them out in the Performing Arts video podcasts section of the iTunes Music store.

And, to capture the moment (and prove to myself tomorrow that I wasn't dreaming), I even took screen shots:

(The text is pretty small, so click on the photos to see the larger versions)

The "New and Notable" listing and the "Featured Listing":

The "Featured Listing" (again) and the #19 in "Top Video Podcasts" listing:

This would not be the case if all of you out there downloading it and watching it, so thank you so much!


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