Taktaba on TV! (eventually), Episode 4 in the works

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My apologies for my silence lately, but big things are in the works!

Episode 4 is in the scripting stage, and will hopefully be produced and ready to download sometime in April. This episode will cover working with speed in your dance.

I've also joined my community TV station, SCAT. So not only will Taktaba be shown on the air (Channel 3 in Somerville, MA), but I will be able to film it in a professional studio with real lighting, real cameras, and plenty of space! (Jumping up and down.) I've spent the last month in production classes and working on other shows' crews to get some experience. My plan is to finish Series 1 (elements of time) in my home studio, and switch to SCAT production for Series 2 (elements of space).

For those of you in the Boston area, I'm teaching a workshop and performing at Shimmies for a Cure Part Deux fundraiser hafla. My workshop, "9/8 911 - a Karsilama Emergency Kit", is a how-to-cope guide for the karsilama illiterate. I'll also be taking footage for SCAT at the event.

And, since the details are not yet finalized, I will NOT be telling you about my plans to offer a group class just yet. Oh wait...


a said...

Nadira -
I've just discovered your podcast and want to say thank you. I am a beginning dancer and learning so much - your explanations help give some structure to my practice sessions. Please keep it up!

DesertDancer said...

Nadira, I'm so excited for you! -- but I just have to say, I loved that the podcasts were filmed in your studio. It felt like a private session. And I *loved* it when your cat participated! :D Congratulations...you're a wonderful dancer and teacher, and you deserve the best. Lililililiiii!

Nadira said...

DesertDancer: Thanks! I've actually been thinking about my podcast production plans, and I probably will film the podcast at home. The TV studio has a 4-6 week waiting list, which is great for the Improv DVD series, but not so great for the podcast.

If I do film at home, I can borrow a better camera and microphone from the TV station. I'm also looking into lighting and a better back drop.

Unfortunately, Una died last year, so she won't be appearing in any more episodes, but Lyra and Penny might make some cameos.

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