Episode 3 Coming Soon

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi everybody,

First, thanks for all your feedback on Episode 2. Since most people contacted me via email this time (rather than in the blog comments or iTunes reviews), I thought I'd share a few quotes:

"These podcasts provide an element that I've never had before, even when I had regular instruction."

"I had so many 'ah-ha moments' watching it."

"And interestingly, I suddenly understood why I strongly dislike the bag of tricks style bellydance. I knew clearly before that I didn't like it and felt its too convoluted and unemotional, but I also now understand that it makes me feel unsafe and agitated."

"Thank you. This is wonderful and very helpful! Can't wait until the next episode."

Thanks, everybody!

In other news, Episode 3 will be ready soon. I seem to be missing some footage, so I'm hoping that they just didn't import properly and are still on the tapes (i.e., that I didn't forget to press Record). I might have to reshoot portions of it, but I'm more than half-way through editing the rest, so it shouldn't take too long, particularly with a long weekend coming up.

Episode 3 will cover timing patterns, and includes quite a few exercises (both "follow-me" and "DIY"), several combinations, and some zil work!

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