Episode 2 will return shortly

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

UPDATE (11:30am, 11/23/07): The corrected version is now available in all formats. Enjoy!

For convenience, those links are here

The audio is out of synch for a portion of Episode 2, so I've removed it while I fix the error. It takes about 4 hours to render and 20 minutes or more to upload, so the corrected version won't be available until later tonight.

Sorry for the snafu, everybody!

UPDATE (2pm EST, 11/22/07): The corrected version is now available through the Our Media link below, and should also appear on iTunes subscriptions. (NOTE: according to Apple's podcasting FAQ, the iTunes Store only updates once a day, so the Taktaba page on iTunes doesn't show Episode 2 yet. However, if you subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, it will already be available for download.)


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