Episode 2 in Editing, Performance video available in the meantime

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hi everybody,

After much delay, Episode 2 has finally been filmed. I hope to finish the editing tomorrow and have it posted for you bright and early Monday morning. That said, this is a long episode: 42 minutes of dancing time alone, plus lots of talking, tips, tricks, and graphs. Yes, GRAPHS; I am an engineer by training and a geek by inclination. So it may take a little longer than usual to edit, compress, and upload this one.

This episode deals with long-term repetition within a piece or set, including:
- deciding how often to repeat an element in order to maximize intellectual and emotional satisfaction, based on the balance of the length, complexity, and drama of the element
- strategies for making repetition more interesting
- using the structure of the music to dictate long-term repetition patterns
- exercises and combinations, including two of my signature movements: Alternating Posing Turns and The Cheater's Drop

In the meantime, I've posted a performance clip from the 3rd Annual Boston Belly Dance Awards, in which I won first place in the new performer (most advanced, i.e., baby belly) category. You can view that on:
- Google Video or
- YouTube


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