We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for your continued patience. The external hard drive I use for editing has died, meaning that I have lost:
- Episdoe 2 in-progress (about 1/3 of it needed to be re-shot anyway, and I do still have the original tapes, but not including any editing)
- Episode 1 full-sized (this is a bigger loss, since without the source media, I have only the iPod-formatted version)

I won't have time to buy a new one and do the reshoot before the new year, so, unfortunately, it'll be a little while before Episode 2 is available.

Sorry, everyone, and happy holidays!

Episode 2 Delayed Again

Monday, December 04, 2006

A few sections of Episode 2 will need to be reshot, so I won't have Episode 2 posted for another few days. I think it'll be worth the wait, though: this one has over 40 minutes of dancing time. I'm hoping to have that out by Wednesday or Thursday, but as you've probably noticed already, these things tend to take longer than I expect. So bear with me!

Episode 2 in Editing, Performance video available in the meantime

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hi everybody,

After much delay, Episode 2 has finally been filmed. I hope to finish the editing tomorrow and have it posted for you bright and early Monday morning. That said, this is a long episode: 42 minutes of dancing time alone, plus lots of talking, tips, tricks, and graphs. Yes, GRAPHS; I am an engineer by training and a geek by inclination. So it may take a little longer than usual to edit, compress, and upload this one.

This episode deals with long-term repetition within a piece or set, including:
- deciding how often to repeat an element in order to maximize intellectual and emotional satisfaction, based on the balance of the length, complexity, and drama of the element
- strategies for making repetition more interesting
- using the structure of the music to dictate long-term repetition patterns
- exercises and combinations, including two of my signature movements: Alternating Posing Turns and The Cheater's Drop

In the meantime, I've posted a performance clip from the 3rd Annual Boston Belly Dance Awards, in which I won first place in the new performer (most advanced, i.e., baby belly) category. You can view that on:
- Google Video or
- YouTube

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