Episode 2 coming soon

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback. I'm so glad to hear that so many of you found Episode 1 (Repetition & Alternation) to be helpful, and I especially appreciate your suggestions for improving the show and requests for future episodes.

In fact, Episode 2 was suggested by a viewer, Mala Bhargava. Mala suggested that I cover some additional aspects of repetition, particularly relating to repetition within the context of an entire piece, rather than within a combination. After mulling over her suggestions, I've come up with a few ideas I hope to cover:
- repeating longer "chunks" of choreography (like an entire chorus)
- under what circumstances repetition can seem ameteurish or boring (and tips on how to keep it fresh and effective)
- guidelines for repeating elements throughout a piece, including background elements, forefront elements, skill elements, and danger elements.

I expect to have Episode 2 online just after Thanksgiving (late November). I'll be doing about one episide per month, as it takes about two weeks to mull over ideas, an evening to plan, a day to shoot, and a weekend to edit, export, and upload. Not to mention sleeping, dancing, knitting, laundry, and seeing my husband once in a while!

For those of you viewing on You Tube, I hope to have parts 2 and 3 of Episode 1 posted within a week or so. Sorry for the delay! In the meantime, you can view it on Google Video or Our Media (linked from the Episode 1 blog entry).

Episode 1: Repetition and Alternation

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Download Episode 1

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Welcome to Series 1, in which we'll explore themes that leverage the element of time. This series will be followed by the elements of space, shape, and energy (not necessarily in that order).

Episode One of Taktaba is now available. This episode treats the twin topics of repetition and alternation, including:
- when and how repetition can be effective
- different alternation patterns, and their psychological effects on your audience
- exercises
- combinations


This episode runs about 24 minutes, which is too long to fit on You Tube (due to their 10-minute limit), so I'll have to break it into three chunks. It may be another week or so until I have the time to do that.
Our Media (full version)
Google Video (full version)
YouTube Part 1 (uploaded and available soon)
YouTube Part 2 (coming soon)
YouTube Part 3 (coming soon)

I've created an RSS feed on Feedburner, and you can now subscribe on iTunes.

The music featured in this episode includes:
- Sala, Sala
- Ma Ali Wiolti Loo
- Caravan
- Drum Solo
- Chiftetelli
from Belly Dancing for Fortune and Fame, courtesy of Stella Grey.

Update: 1/12/2008: If you've had trouble downloading this episode, try watching it in VLC. If it still fails, download the low-resolution version. The video quality isn't as good, but the smaller file size might help!

Update: 4/9/2009: this Episode is now available on DVD through Amazon:

as well as directly from the manufacturer, CreateSpace.

Episode 1 Coming Less Soon

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sorry everybody, but Episode 1 is going to be delayed a few more days. Some of my footage is unusable and needs to be reshot.

Please bear with me while I figure out this whole podcasting thing.

Episode 1 Coming Soon

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hi everybody,

Thanks for coming back! Unfortunately, Episode One is going to be delayed for a few days (editing is really time-consuming). I'm hoping to have it up on Wednesday night.

Please check back in a couple of days.

Thanks again,

Episode 0: Podcast Promo and a Poll!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hi everyone,

My podcast promo is now available on Google Video:

(This video has been formatted for iPod; you can download it at Google Video or Our Media)

I will be filming the first episode over Columbus Day weekend, and plan to release one episode every two weeks or so. Keep your eyes open for Episode One on Monday or Tuesday of next week, and please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

In the meantime, I have quite a few topics in mind for the show, and would like to know which YOU are most interested in.

Which topics are you most interested in seeing on Taktaba?
Speed and Timing
Movement vs. Stillness
Pacing (within a piece, show, etc.)
Body Orientation
Traveling vs. Stationary
Using Floor Space
Direction of Isolations
Painting Shapes in the Air / Imagery
Intensity/Sharpness (muscle engagement)
Pushing vs. Pulling movements (inward vs. outward energy)
Movement of energy within the body/space
Free polls from Pollhost.com

These are the "core" topics I intend to treat first. These will be followed by several special topics that don't fall clearly within the bounds of shape, space, time, and energy.

The song used in the promo is Sala, Sala from Belly Dancing for Fortune and Fame, courtesy of Stella Grey.

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